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The Savannah's, Covington, Louisiana

Important Notice: (click link below to view the notice)

             Jan. 2013 - Savannahs Architectural Review Committee arrangement with GNO Property Management Group Click to view Application To Modification(s)-(not applicable to Phase I, II and IIB) - You can mail this form to the address on the form or email the form to Joy Neely at joy@gnoproperty.com

Dear Savannahs Homeowner:

This is your Website, developed to keep our members informed to issues pertaining to what is taking place in our friendly close knit neighborhood.  We hope you refer to it often and we encourage your comments and suggestions.  Please enjoy!

Committee Reporting: Learn how our committees function and what activities have been completed to date along with ongoing processes and projects.
Get to know your Officers & Board Members and hopefully find a committee of your interest and volunteer to serve.
Do you have a question about “the rules” we all agreed to live by when we purchased our homes in the Savannahs?
You may wish to review the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions for your filing (Phase #).
You may also elect to look over the By-Laws and Declarations documents posted on your Web-Site.
Are you interested in viewing the lot plans for the Savannahs? Go to Legal Data and locate your home site.

All property owners are association members and you may elect to sign into our Voluntary Membership Information program with your personal contact information. The information you provide will  be included into our Voluntary Membership Roster and will not be used for any other purpose.

The Member’s Only button is password accessible only for Voluntary Signees, and will share your contact data with your like minded neighbors. Also, behind this Password Protected tab you will be able to review your associations Budget and Financial Statements that are updated on a monthly basis.

Your Board of Directors and the committee members hope you find this site enjoyable and informative. While most board members hold full time jobs, I believe you will find a group of dedicated folks that work hard for the benefit of all.

In the near future, we will make an announcement about our next general membership function.

We invite you and your family to come, participate and exchange ideas with your neighbors and representatives.